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Werther W210/42SMB

Electro-hydraulic 2 post lift

  • Symmetric lift without baseframe for greater space free area at work
  • Equipped with two lifting rams which do not require maintenance. Non-bearing cables for perfect synchronisation of the trolleys no matter what distribution weight is loaded
  • 210I/32B – 210I/42B: Designed with short, super lowered three-stage arms parallel to the foor: ideal for lifting low, long wheel based vehicles
  • 210I/42SMB: designed with 4 extended three-stage arms: ideal for lifting vans and long wheel based vehicles
  • Pads min. height 95 mm only
  • Safety valves protecting to prevent overloads and breakages of hydraulic hoses
  • Descent velocity controlled by hydraulic valve
  • Mechanical support device with automatic activation and deactivation by means of electro-magnetic valve insuring maximum safety during locking procedures
  • Operation: electro-hydraulic